Big Red

case study


  • November 2020


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop


  • Branding
  • Ad Design

Creative Process

The creative process is the most important part of any good project. It allows a designer to be specific, creative, and continue to produce meaningful work.

Big Red Billboard Design
Big Red Instagram Ad

Project Goal

The goal for this project was to design an ad campaign for a company that needed help with their marketing. I chose to design a campaign for Big Red, a red pop drink popular in the southern United States.


The first part of my process was to concept ideas and draw out thumbnails. To see my ideas scroll to the gallery below. For the billboard design I chose to use the line “big is better.” From there I created a graphic illustration of some big red cans. The original was a large big red can next to a regular sized can. After some revisions the final changed to a big red can next to a tiny little chihuahua. The irony between the two seemed to fit the design. I placed the text to the right of the can with no capitalization or punctuation. I felt the simplistic text helped to emphasize the can and the dog.

Instagram Ad

Another part of this project was creating a social media advertisement. I chose to design an Instagram ad. The concept behind this ad is a Big Red vending machine that is much bigger than a regular vending machine, and if someone dances in front of it they get a free can. I wanted to create something unique, fun, and kind crazy. It fits the Big Red brand and adds a bit of fun to their advertising.

Research & Concepts

Scroll through the gallery to see my research notes as well as a lot of thumbnails and sketches. The sketches are for both the billboard as well as the Instagram ad.

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