Lauv Website

case study


  • October 2020


  • Sketch
  • Wix Editor X


  • Wireframing
  • Web Design

Creative Process

The creative process is the most important part of any good project. It allows a designer to be specific, creative, and continue to produce meaningful work.

1. Project Goal

The goal for this project was to create a single page website from start to finish, using Wix Editor X.

2. Concept

I chose to design a website for the music artist Lauv (he is a favorite of mine). The next step in my process was to concept ideas about how the website should appear. This involved making wireframes in Sketch. I first created block wireframes. These block wireframes map out ideas and create areas for content to go. They are simple and made only in black, gray, and white shapes.

3. Hi-Fidelity Wireframes

After block wireframes, I created hi-fidelity wireframes in Sketch. Hi-fidelity wireframes are designed to look exactly like the final. They are not functional; however they show a layout of what the content will look like on the website.

4. Wix

After the hi-fidelity wireframes were done and looked how I wanted them, I was ready to create the design in Wix. I used the Wix Editor X to create the sections and visuals as close to my wireframes as possible. To view my lauv website click here:

Desktop: Block Wireframe
Desktop: Hi-Fidelity Wireframe
Mobile: Block Wireframe
Mobile: Hi-Fidelity Wireframe

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