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White Night: Before a Manifesto

case study


  • December 2021


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign


  • Booklet Design
  • Concepting
  • Research

Creative Process

The creative process is the most important part of any good project. It allows a designer to be specific, creative, and continue to produce meaningful work.

Project Goal

The goal for this project was to design an experience to go along with the text for White Night: Before a Manifesto by Metahaven. This is the second part of the text, the first being Surface and Value (I did a separate project on these sections).

Concept & Design

After some research and reading the text a few times, I decided to create a brand guide to go with the text. I wanted to show the interesting and abstract ideas that Metahaven talks about, and a brand guide is a great way to do that. I went through the text and decided what sections would be appropriate for the brand guide and then organized the text to fit into those sections. I also chose to print the text on transparent paper that I placed on top of colorful designs. I decided to do this because I wanted there to be an interesting overlap of text and design as well as create an interesting brand guide that people would actually want to read and flip through. I also designed a logo for White Night that I placed on the cover as well as inside the brand guide. To see some sketches and logo concepts for this project flip through the galleries.

Booklet Page Construction
Logo Concepts

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